phyches: part 4

“Impossible!” yelled Caligo . ” Ah, but if it is impossible, why am I here to kill you?”, I said innocently.

Then I charged, I brought my sword, Wrath,  down on his weapon, Agony. the ring was tremendous, because when darkness and light , the supernatural kind, meet it creates the sound of pure , raw conflict , ring. It is at the same time a beautiful and horrible sound you will ever hear.Anyway, he suddenly broke away from me and yelled ,” I call on the spirits of unrelenting murder, I call on the werewolves.” Okay, I know what your thinking, werewolves don’t exist, but in reality, pretty much every monster or heroic creature you’ve ever heard of exists, and werewolves were number three on my list of things that are hard to kill. “Do you hear them, Probus , as they howl for you, I must go now, I think this could get messy.” He through a towel on the gond to mock me and left then the howling began.


phyches : part 3

the year is 2013, Caligo is free from the catacombs. Caligo walked toward the priest venomously, metal growing into armor around him, a sword made of shadow bursting from his hand, the symbol of hell lighting in his eye, a bloody axe spinning in the center of the symbol. “Now it is your time to die,” said Caligo.

“No, it is yours.” said a voice from behind.

Caligo turned slowly and saw the most impossible sight imaginable, there, standing in simple leather and iron armor, was Probus, with his sword raised, made of light.


phyche:part two: by phoenixamerica

Ring, ring, ring the sword clashes went on, I fought with all my strength, until finally because Caligo had more experience with the sword disarmed me. But I used the power of water and title waves to back him up but he was persistent. We fought on and on and then I felt a new power, and I knew what I had to do, I  brought up all my power and yelled , ” by the power of God, the creator of good and destroyer of evil, I smite the with the greatest power of my life, GOD’S brightest light!” and encased him in the power of the  phyche and heard a voice say,”Probus,Phyche of heaven, by doing this you stop this evil for now, but you will sleep until you are nede again.”

and with that I fell into deep sleep.


Psyches: Part One

I am Probus, the Psyche of the next 400 centuries.  This is  a written account of my battle.  If you have read the prologue, I had a friend of mine write, then you know who I am, whether you believe it or not.

“Probus”, Caligo called, “give in, serve my master, you know you can’t win, even here.”   As he said this, his dark flowing voice seemed to shake the catacomb ceiling.

I stood, raised my gladius, and sent him a clear message.  “I prefer to be on the WINNING side,” and charged.  The ring of the swords seemed to shake to halls.  On the fight raged, until we were in the center of the catacombs, then I felt a pain so intense, I crumpled to the floor.  He stood over me in triumph and yelled, in a dark, roaring voice, “Humanity is mine!”  Then something came over me; a light started coming from somewhere.  I stood, and saw that I was the light source.  In a voice that was  strong and deep and flowing, I yelled, “Before you collect your prize, you must conquer the new psyche!”  I made the earth wrap around Caligo, but he broke free and and charged.  I dodged him, and then a darkness swept over him and I understood why this fallen angel was so dangerous.  He used to be the psyche!


Psyches: Masters of the Elements: by phoenixamerica

I will be introducing a new fiction story soon and you can read the prologue now:

In the story a young boy named Probus has an eternal battle to fight. Probus is an angel to witch G-D gives human form and power over the elements. the setting starts in the roman empire in the catacombs during the time of Constantine the great. His adversary is the fallen angel Caligo, who has power over all cold, cruel, unfeeling things.



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The Wolf Boy: the conclusion

“Fine”, said the boy. When the boy got to the pool, he saw that the water reflected the stars in a somehow bluer light.  When he drank from the pool, he saw the villigers.  They were looking for someone.  Then he heard it!  A name —  his name!  They where looking for him!  He could hardly believe his ears.  Then one of the villagers cried out,”O, where have you gone, Ertrod?  If you had listened, then you would know that the answer to your question lies in your name!”

“My name?”   Ertrod asked himself outloud.  Then he remembered something he had learned a long time ago —  Ertrod meant something in the ancient Elven language. ” ‘trod’ means king, er means … I don’t remember,” thought Ertrod helplessly.   “It is this spupid animal sized brain…that’s it! Animal!  ‘Er’ means animal… so together they mean animal… oh my gosh!  It can’t be!  Er Trod:  animal king.” Only then did the boy realize his purpose and what the wolf had been trying to teach him.  He knew now that he had purpose, he knew now that he never had to feel hopeless, for he was the animal king, and he knew now that even if he hadn’t been the animal king, he would have had purpose anyway. And so the boy left Lupusrex and returned home.  He often returned to the wolve’s city to learn more from the high wolf.

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